Loose Leash Dog Training

Insured, pet CPR and first aid certified

With great dogs comes great responsibility…

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 I’m Louise, your friendly neighbourhood dog walker and trainer!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved animals. I was the kid who knew every dog on the street’s name (and  most of the cats too!).

Over the years, pet owners have entrusted me with the care of a wide variety of pets. As well as cats and dogs, I’ve cared for  turtles, rabbits, blue-tongued skinks, a Chinese water dragon, and few less traditional pets too.

I feel so lucky that I discovered this passion could turn into a career.


Learning about each animal’s little (or big) quirks is always an exciting adventure.


I started walking dogs professionally in 2013 part time, while I went to school, volunteered at the local Humane Society, and by 2015 I was walking dogs full time and a certified Animal Behaviour College Dog Trainer. At the same time, I was also raising my own dog, Jynx.

Jynx and I were so lucky to have worked with  excellent dog trainers who taught me well and encouraged me to pursue this career, and further my education. I am always reading and taking courses to better understand dog training and walking. I am dedicated to finding the safest and best ways to enrich the lives of animals in my care, and empower their owners.

I’m currently an intern with www.Educanine.org. I am also enrolled in the Puppy Lab through www.caninescience.co.uk, and am studying for the Certification for Professional Dog Trainers which I’ll be writing in the fall of 2019.

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Loose Leash Dog Training is dedicated to safe and ethical methods of handling. The use of slip leads, choke chains, prong collars, electric shock collars, physical manipulation, or any other punitive tool is not permitted.